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Rocks as a Sign of Life

Another Type of Fossil

Are commonly overlooked fossils escaping our notice due to a perception shift? Since 2014, Sam Dunlap, an artist and musician, has meticulously gathered specimens from New England and maritime Canada, alongside matching samples from Asia. Explore the fascinating world of these widespread fossils and join us on a journey of perception and discovery.

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Pebble Fossils

Within Pebble Layers Cobble - Like Rocks Reflect Organic Forms.


Non-arbitrary Forms

Fossil Hunting, Adventure, Exploration
Bas-relief examples often have a side that is flat. The flat side retains an outline of the shape.
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Moroccan Trilobite Fossils
As if collapsed or crushed, bas-relief like examples appear three dimensional. Grid is 5x5 cm
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Cornwall's Beach Fossil Treasures Reveale
Non-arbitrary rock shapes became the focus of this project ten years ago.
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Some examples fit together as if an indentation was caused by an adjacent example
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Decoding Fossil Formation Mysteries
An elliptical form, flat on one side
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A delicate carbonized surface
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